Chatroom Online Random Chat website. fully automated websiteno maintenence required at all. Running cost almost nothing only $1 a month. Enter in Chatroom with or without Registration user infomation as a (Guest)

  • You can just start chatting by clicking on Start button. it will connect you with chatroom online user.
  • Chat as a anonymous, it didn’t show or share any personal detail.
  • Automatically show the user country. re-connect other user, when you disconnect chating with any user. you will find automatically other stranger there whos online all the times.
  • You can send heart to anyone you like. and also get heart from anyone.
  • Live Manage user with admin pannel.
  • Added new Features you can manage all via admin etc…
  • Chatroom also have Boot which automatically send the advertising to the Chat Room.

We will transfer the domain name instatly over to your account and website will take 12-24 hours for transfer up and running.

Sale Includes:

Years old Premium domain & unique website design & Original. 60 days Free Hosting or we can transfer the website over to your hosting account. we will work with the new owner to get the Domain and website database transfer to new owners account. This sale will be the final & return will not be accepted.

Income source:

You can also charge other companies to list their banners on your website to attract visitors to their company’s websites. Spoonser ads can be place in the chatroom.

Growth Potential

The sites have the ability to grow even more than it already have. What could be done to increase the sites visibility is to put together an SEO campaign and spend some money on keywords promotion to keep growing the earning & rank.

You can check yourself on google, search for CafeChat & you will at the top No#1 main page

Any questions you may have do not hesitate to drop us an Email us anytime. we usually response within an hour. 24/7