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Donkey Seo Analyzer, Search Engine Optimization Tools

Overview is a Search Engine Optimization Tools. We have more than 100 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links, and other SEO considerations.


    User Management System
    - Fully translatable to any language
    - Fully SEO-friendly URLs
    - Captcha protection system for SEO Tools
    - One-Click Ads integration
    - Powerful admin control panel
    - ZERO Maintenance
    - Fully Automated
    - Responsive design
    - Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
    - Create unlimited custom pages
    - Support Theme customization – Easy to use Search Engine Optimization Analyzer with keyword density analysis and Google PageRank checking and many more.

    Donkey Seo is the tools that perform one click report and analyze the data of website. With the deep scan any website script capture measures the SEO problems and suggest the solution. Nice & design with one-page report. I spend months on this website to develop this website. its amazing website fully automated, no maintenance required whatever. 

    Tired of checking manually the SEO stats of each webpage of your website? Bulk SEO URLs audit script is for you! 

    Check multiple sites at once and get information on SEO, Social statistics, and other website information.

    Run Bulk SEO URLs audit to generate a on Page SEO audit of the URLs included in your sitemap. 

    Simply enter the website URL of the sitemap, and the script will automatically scan, and will make a SEO report for each webpage URL.

    Bulk SEO URLs audit script will perform the necessary tests and collect the main SEO stats (title, description, header, open graph protocol NEW, webpage content, links, images, keyword, whois, age, expiry date, external files, and much more...)

    The report page is quite easy to read: if the element is optimized for SEO, the element is highlighted in green. If not, the element is highlighted in red. You do not need to be a SEO expert to use this script

    Also, many SEO tips & tricks are displayed to improve your website’s SEO

    New! it is also possible to check a unique webpage URL

    • Many different SEO stats
    • Possibility to get all the details checks (the heading content,)
    • SEO report easy to read with an effective use of colours
    • SEO Tips and tricks included
    • Design clean and responsive design.
    • No database required
    • Unlimited URLs to Check
    • Page info
    • Show me the Meta tags
    • Check Alexa Rank
    • Show me the Social Stats
    • Show me the Images info
    • Show H1 & H2 & H3
    • Links info
    • Screenshot Generator
    • Sitemap.xml? info
    • Robots.txt?
    • Favicon.ico?
    • Powerful SEO tool

    Common SEO issue

    • Title tag
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords
    • Google Preview
    • Most Common Keywords Test
    • Keyword Usage
    • H1/H2 Headings Status
    • Underscores in Links Test
    • Image Alt Test
    • Inline CSS Test
    • Favicon Test
    • Page Objects

    Speed Optimization

    • Html page size test
    • JS Minified Test
    • CSS Minified Test
    • Doctype Test

    Server and Security

    • URL Canonical Test
    • Safe Browsing Test

    Mobile and Social Media

    • Media Query Responsive Test
    • Social Media Check
    • Social Media Activity

    Growth Potential

    The sites have the ability to grow even more than it already have. What could be done to increase the sites visibility? You do not have to do anything. I have already done the SEO which will help in keep growing the earning & rank.

    Sale includes, domain & website 3 Month Free Hosting or we can transfer the website over to your own hosting account within 24 hours after payment. This Sales will be the final and no returns will be accept in any condition.

    Income source:

    This source of income would be most relevant for those who will be operating the site as a Seo, Ranking, Analyzer, Whois check, website scan, website error check type website, these keyword are very high pay rate, one click on your google ads can make you up to £5. if you get 40-50 clicks + views you can easily make 250-350 daily. there are so many ways to make money, You can also charge companies to list their banners or affiliate links on your website in order to attract visitors to their own relevant websites.

     Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense:

    You can add affiliate banners and earn a commission from these companies.

    You can also add banners or text links as part of the Google AdSense system. currently I’m making money from google AdSense and increasing day by day rapidly.


Hosting Account & Domain name ofyour choice

Only Requirement Domain and Hosting, if you need help to chose the right hosting company. we definitely can help you in. Please contact us we are more than happy to help you in getting Quality Hosting.


The purchase of this website comes with free email support. This sale will be the final, no return will be accepted.

Any questions?

Email us:   we usually response within an hour. 24/7

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