Why You Need A WordPress Maintenance Service

You already know the importance of keeping your website’s content updated, but what about regular maintenance?

Many WordPress site owners perform occasional maintenance, but they don’t have the time to do everything that needs to be done. This is why you need a WordPress maintenance service.

Instead of trying to take care of every detail of your site, professionals handle the technical details and maintenance. This leads to better performance, higher search ranking and an overall safer WordPress site.

Keep Software Updated

WordPress is software, as are your themes and plugins. As with any software, it needs to be updated to add new features, improve performance, fix bugs and patch security flaws. The problem is updating doesn’t always go smoothly which may lead you to skip an important update. If you’re not keeping WordPress, your themes and your plugins updated, you could be putting your site and users at risk.

Using a WordPress maintenance service takes all the stress out of updating. You no longer have to worry about what happens if your theme or a plugin isn’t compatible with a new WordPress update or vice versa. The service handles everything so all updates go as smoothly as possible. Just take a look at descriptions of each WordPress version and it’s easy to see that updating is a vital part of regular maintenance.

Improve Site Performance

Did you know having too many plugins can slow down your page loading speed? Do you know the size of each page and how it takes to load? You may know your site isn’t performing well, but you may not know what’s wrong. You may think it’s your content, but the problem could just be large images or lack of a caching plugin.

A maintenance service can optimise code, install just the plugins you need, compress images files, reduce broken links and merge CSS files to boost your site’s performance. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your search rank improve just by having your site load faster?

Analyse Analytics

Analytics are vital to improving your WordPress site. A WordPress maintenance service knows how to analyse your analytics to determine if something’s wrong. For instance, if only one page of your site has a high bounce rate, something may not be loading correctly or the layout needs to be changed. A service helps you make sense out of complex analytics to find bugs and tweak your site to help it perform at its best.

Maintain A Secure Website

WordPress has built-in security features, but it isn’t hacker proof. While no site is 100% secure, there are steps you can take to deter hackers and stay on top of security. Doing this does take time and it’s one of the biggest reasons many users prefer using a WordPress maintenance service.

Even if you only have a small site that has an audience of 1000, hackers are still interested. Using server resources, sending spam and using a malicious redirect are three of the top things hackers do with both large and small WordPress sites.

When a cross-scripting vulnerability was discovered in 2014, 86% of the 75 million WordPress sites at the time were vulnerable because they weren’t up to date. If you weren’t using a professional service, you might have missed the importance of updating and scanning your site for any security issues.

A service takes care of searching for viruses, malware and vulnerabilities. Experts stay abreast of the latest threats and work to keep your site as secure as possible. It’s kind of like having bouncers at the doors of your site, keeping hackers away.

Perform and Verify Backups

A hacked site, bad update or incorrect theme installation could all leave your site corrupted and offline. Now the big question – do you have a recent backup? Regular backups are one the single most important maintenance step, yet many users skip them. With every hour your site is offline, you’re losing visitors, conversions and your search rank.

Let a professional WordPress maintenance service perform backups, store them securely and verify to ensure they work. With a current backup, your site will be back up quickly, no matter what happens.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You let professionals handle regular maintenance on your car, home and even your health, so why not your WordPress site? You’re the expert at your business. Let WordPress experts handle the maintenance for you.